Advocacy allows individuals to have their voices heard in the public sphere and attracts attention from politicians. By advocating for a cause, individuals are able to spotlight their perspective to the wider community and act as a catalyst for change. Advocacy can directly influence decisions in laws and policies.

Advocacy Day- includes information on Advocacy Day along with links to resources such as the Advocacy Day On-the-Go Toolkit 

Licensure- includes information on Illinois Licensure and the importance of professional licensing to protect consumers from harm

How to Report Harm- includes information on how to file a complaint and the Academy's Incident Reporting Tool

State Public Policy- includes information on finding your State Legislators, bill monitoring, licensure and Advocacy Day

Federal Public Policy- includes information on finding your Federal Legislators, Academy priority areas, action alerts and the Advocacy Summit

House of Delegates (HOD) - includes information from our Delegates who have a key connection to the Academy's constituency.

Payment- includes information on payment for nutrition services (Members Only)

Resources- includes additional resources related to advocacy and public policy