House of Delegates (HOD)

The House of Delegates serves as a voice of Academy members and identifies and develops solutions to some of the challenges facing the profession. The change drivers and trends from the Council on Future Practice's Change Drivers and Trends Driving the Profession: A Prelude to the Visioning Report 2017, the Visioning Report 2017: A Preferred Path Forward for Nutrition and Dietetics, and the Academy's Strategic Plan continues to be utilized as the foundation for critical issues to be addressed by the House of Delegates. The HOD oversees Academy bylaws; and establishes qualification for membership and dues structure.As a forum of leadership development, the House positions and educates members for leadership opportunities within the Academy. Leadership from the House of Delegates aims to empower the profession by embracing its values, developing a progressive culture, and reflecting on the diversity for the future of the organization. The Academy implements strategic planning and changes through policies, actions and composition to embody the vision and voice of its members.

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Christine Cliff, MPH, RDN, LDN, CLT, FAND

North Delegate

Connie Locher-Bussard, RD, LDN

South Delegate





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July 2022 - House of Delegates Update

Hello Illinois Academy members,

On behalf of the IAND Delegates, we wanted to provide you with a few updates from the House of Delegates (HOD). Starting this month, the HOD will be holding monthly 2-hour Real Time Dialogue Sessions, which are a step towards transforming the House to work more efficiently and nimbly. They will be in place of the three longer meetings held in fall, winter and spring each program year.

The HOD voted on and passed the proposal to allow those with public health and public policy degrees join the Academy as an Associate Member. After the incoming Speaker of the House resigned at the end of May, the HOD voted to appoint RoseAnna Holliday as HOD Director for the 2022-2023 program year.

To help support the Legislative and Public Policy Committee (LPPC), join an affinity group. See the name of the groups below. You will find the meeting days and times on the Affinity Group webpage out to us with any questions about these topics or other Delegate-related business.

  • MNT Expansion Affinity Group
  • Nutrition Security Affinity Group
  • Maternal and Child Health Affinity Group
  • Dietary Guidelines Affinity Group
  • Licensure Initiatives Affinity Group
  • Health Equity and Diversity Affinity Group
Christine Cliff and Connie Locher-Bussard
IAND Delegates