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The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation is proud to support and empower food and nutrition practitioners in helping consumers create healthier lifestyles and optimizing global health. Solely through philanthropy and charitable donations, the Foundation is devoted to providing Academy members with scholarships, awards, research grants, education stipends and fellowships which can fund a multitude of health promotion advances such as education, community programs, and research opportunities.

The Foundation is the leader of dietetics scholarships worldwide. Students are provided opportunities at all levels of education in order to help build a qualified and diverse workforce. A variety of awards are available for students, practitioners and faculty members that recognize outstanding achievements and encourage Academy members to grow as professionals and nutrition experts. Research grants are invested in emerging areas of nutrition such as nutrition education interventions. The Foundation is also dedicated to building upon its current initiatives and expanding programs that benefit the general public.

Investments in the future of the dietetics profession can enhance individual and population health by tackling a variety of issues such as food insecurity and the presence of food deserts in underprivileged communities. Funded programs may include goals such as increasing fruit and vegetable intake, providing nutrition education, increasing physical activity, or motivating consumers to make healthful choices through the use of grocery store tours. Food and nutrition challenges can be addressed through collaboration and can ultimately provide consumers with the tools to lead healthy lives.

Each gift provided to the foundation makes a huge impact in the work of nutrition and dietetics practitioners and ensures the continuation of programs and services that optimize global health.

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