How to Report Harm

Online Form:

Website: IDFPR

Tips to Reporting Harm Successfully

  • State all facts briefly and clearly.
  • Include name, address and phone number of all witnesses, plus specific information they each have to substantiate the complaint.
  • Include copies of any documents, records or contracts.
  • Once complete, simply click “Submit” to file complaint.

What Happens to Complaint After Submission?

  • Jurisdiction is established.
  • A thorough investigation is conducted to determine if a violation has occurred.
    • State checks into actions of the Respondent (party accused)
    • The complainant (party who submitted claim) should be prepared to testify before the Board of Commission.
  • No violations found? Board of Commission will dismiss complaint.
  • Violation found? Respondent may be offered a consent agreement OR a hearing may be held to resolve the agency’s investigation findings. 


Incident Reporting Tool

The Academy developed the Incident Reporting Tool (IRT) to support its efforts to protect the public, enhance the quality of nutrition care and promote self-regulation of the profession. The IRT fills a critical gap in supplementing the documentation of noteworthy incidents in the provision of nutrition care services across the country. Patients, members of the general public and health care practitioners can now easily document examples of successful nutrition care, showing the value of qualified practitioners.

Learn more information for documenting stories of success and reporting harm